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Welcome to my life

Born in Catania, Sicily in 1978

Growing up in the south of Italy (aka Mafialand), I was always used to the mediterranian lifestyle, but as a teenager I longed for a change. While I still had my student life in Catania, I start my working career flyering in London, on Camden Town’s bridge, making a lot of extra tips thanks to my mohawk hair punk style that was worth 1£ per picture taken in the far 1995.


I went back to Catania to complete my studies and I got my diploma in Criminology and decided to continue studying law. In 1996 I already experienced club scenes in Dublin, Amsterdam & New York, which had a big impact on me. In 2000 I had the amazing chance to spin my CDs on the gothic floor of the cult club Slimelight in London, where I lost my virginity as DjAri – I am forever thankful to the owner Mak Ma Yuan that contaminated me musically during my early post punk/industrial London time. 

In between I finished my law studies in Sicily and kept spinning my alternative tunes in all the available clubs on my island, to keep following my newfound passion.


Diploma in Criminology

I got my degree in law science with dissertation in criminology, but I decided to not follow any legal career – even though my dad is a lawyer. I decided to transform my family’s Villas in Pozzallo into a touristic resort that will become my work for 11 years creating

Aero Kickboxing, Electro Rock & EBM

In 2005 I use my experience as DJ & combine it with martial arts, to become an instructor of Aero Kickboxing with Electro Rock and Electronic Body Music as writhe and I got to teach in the Tempio Gym in Catania. Mixing these two passions of my life was a great experience to spur on my love for sport and I learned a lot about the culture behind certain martial arts.

First time in Berlin and Leipzig Wave Gotik Treffen

In 2008 on the day of my 30th birthday, I went to visit for the very first time Berlin and I directly felt at home in the special culture of the Berlim nightlife. Afterwards I went to Leipzig for the Wave Gotik Treffen, a trip that changed my vision of life and made me decide to partially live 9 months in Deutschland as an artist. But in the summertime, I was still working as a manager in Ville Ari in Sicily and therefore had to manage a double life.

Resident in KitKatClub and Insomnia

In Germany I become resident at the two most transgressive clubs of the German capital, KitkatClub & Insomnia nightclub, where I get a special degree in the world of fetish and a master in hedonism. Thanks to a lot of great contacts and especially the sexual guru Simon Thaur (Founder of Kitkatclub) I got to experience a whole new side of life. During the same year, I start my career as an alternative model with the first photoshootings, which turned out to be a great opportunity for me.


I went to India for the first time, in Goa, with my german girlfriend and my English lover, a mystical trip that widened my horizons and made me come back to Europe also with a russian girlfriend ;). This trip made me start to get contaminated with Psychedelic Trance subculture and it’s been a constant int my life ever since.

Kamasutra Ninja

With the already existing experiences as a model, I was creating my alter ego character Kamasutra Ninja.
The nickname was born during the making of a video with a German pornstar at
Insomnia and it seemed to stick with me, especially because of my passion for martial arts. I got to act in several music videos and I joined my first group performances in clubs and parades, but my inner performer just got started, as you will see…


I opened the channel “DocumentAri of DjAri” on YouTube, filming in Germany at WGT, Venus Berlin, CSD; in Thailand at the Full moon Party, for which I quickly become the videomaker of documenations about underground clubs and music festivals. This gave me the opportunity to start my first world tour that brought me to Mexico.

Mentored by Fabio Breccia

After 1 year as a Youtuber, I become friends with Fabio Breccia, Commercials Director in Rome, that will become my TV mentor and guide. He kept giving me tips during my tour in India, Thailand, North America, Germany and Italy for producing my own TV series.

World tour

DocumentARI world tour was my whole life for three years and made me live the most intense days of my life. Filming on 3 continents, 15 nations: Germany, U.K., Spain, Italy, Ukraine, Russia, Nepal, India, Thailand, Japan, California, Mexico, Holland and Turkey. 

Thanks to these adventures, I meet and become friends with Gip Cutrino, inspiring tv muse since MTV Mad and Le Iene (my favourite political satire TV show from Italy).


Video Maker

In 2015 I sign a contract with Europroduzione, a TV production house in Rome.
I had to produce the first 10 episodes of DocumentARI for selling the first season on DMAX Italia. Unfortunately my beloved mum gets sick with blood cancer and my mind went in tilt, making it impossible for me to fulfill all the TV episodes.

Biggest loss

I lost her at the beginning of 2016 and I needed over 18 months to start my life again and recover from this great loss. Consequently I decided to close the family business of VilleAri, starting to dedicate myself to my video maker career again. My mother always supported me in everything I do and she still is a great motivation for me.

The Munchies

In 2017 I moved to Bologna where I edited the first 16 episodes of my DocumentARI episodes with my epic friend Fabio Vassallo. After six months I managed to get signed with the tv production house “The Munchies” of Charlie and Miki in Padova.

14M views YouTube channel is dead

In 2018, after 4 years with 14.000.000 views, my channel gets terminated on Youtube for 3
strikes: Cannabis videos (considered as harmful activity).

I started a new channel but I get completely demotivated to keep working on this platform, so I continue to post my videos on Vimeo instead.


DjARi is back to Berlin

Thanks to my videos and the connected knowledge about all kinds of subcultures, I become a permanent jury member of the Berlin Music Awards for the category “Most bizzare video”. My expertise after filming freaky stuff all over the globe made me fit right in and it’s always a pleasure to see the works off creative minds. Finally I move back into my natural habitat Berlin and start to build my permanent home base.

Kamasutra Ninja fetish performer

With my experience as an alternative model, the way to become a performer was very close by. I start to establish my alter ego character “Kamasutra Ninja”. By creating my own performances as fetish shows, I got to debut my show at Venus Berlin. Since then I’ve been building different shows and have been evolving my stage persona.

Simon Thaur and Nude Poetry

Spending a lot of time at Kitkat, I get super-close to KitKat’s guru Simon Thaur becoming his casting director, supportive actor and cameraman for his project “Nude Poetry”. Producing music videos, that are a mix of nudity, poetry and porn of his own songs, is a very special opportunity. 

Meanwhile, the feedback for my BDSM performances and sessions made me become the Dungeon Master of the notorious KitKatClub. And I can not lie, it is indeed the best job in the world.


Let’Z Fetish, Devil’S, B.D.S.M Academy

A great year for my artistic career as DJ, casting director, performer & B.D.S.M
workshops. Starting again my tour in Tel Aviv, Venice, Athens, Leipzig, Riga, Gdansk and Helsinki. In this year I also started organizing my own events:


Where goth & fetish unite – Is a play party hosted every other month in the Dungeon of Insomnia Club. It gathers mistresses, masters, switchers, and subs in love with “the dark” soundtracks in over 10 playgrounds monitored by Devil’S crew. Whips, needles, bondage, femdom, wax, clinical are the ingredients of the performances and sessions.

Let’Z Fetish

In the dungeon of the KitKatClub – with Goth vs Psy sounds

With the double job as DJ and performer, I combined the Gothic subcultures with the PsyTrance world in a B.D.S.M. playground lived by a harem of subs and gorgeous mistress with an international crew of DJs and performers.


B.D.S.M Academy

I founded my Bdsm Workshops placed in the basement of KitKatClub with this motto:

– every Wednesday and Saturday you can learn:

  • Impact Play
  • Wax/Metal Play
  • Electric Play
  • Single Tails
Feel free to book your Workshop with me right here, right now

Corona shit

The year was starting so good with shows at Erotz in Latvia & Sin ethics in Israel… but as you all know the covid pandemic absolutely fucked all artsy jobs. I helped to keep surviving Insomnia nightclub with
livestreams on chaturbate as a performer and by casting the crew every friday.
I did the same at Kitkat every Saturday and therfore had at least some kind of job during this horrible period. 

Luckily I had some fun acting in Mark Benecke’s music video “We want it darker”. On summer sundays I was at the open air Kitkat event at Sage beach and could do some nice open air sessions close to the Spree.


The Show must go on 

After 18 months of streaming, clubs could finally open again under restrictions. For at least 4 months I got back to my usual life as Dungeon Master at Kitkatclub on Wednesday and Saturday. The quarantine time forced me to question some parts of my everyday life. In the end I made the desicion to move on from some of my old traditions and decided to say goodbye to Insomnia. But the show must go on, so I picked up planning events again and slowly my life got back on track.


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