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Debut in London in 1999

DjAri spins alternative music since 1999. He started in the cult club SlimeLight in London and dj for over 20 years in different music genres in over 14 countries.

Resident in Berlin since 2009

at KitkatClub, Insomnia nightclub, Duncker club.
Resident at Wave Gothik Treffen since 2012.

World Tour

DjAri played all around the fetish/goth/underground clubs & festivals in:

Germany: Berlin, Leipzig, Hamburg,
UK: London,
Grece: Athens,
Latvia: Riga,
Poland: Gdansk,
Finland: Helsinki,
Israel: Tel Aviv

USA: Los Angeles,
Mexico: Mexico City,
Japan: Tokyo,
Thailand: Koh Phangan,
India: Goa,
Italy: Bologna, Venezia, Roma, Padova, Catania, Palermo

Music Genres

Listening to 80ies since I was a child, then growing up with UK Punk and PostPunk subculture in my teenage years, over the years I absorbed also Rock and Electro Tunes.
Affirmed in the E.B.M./Industrial scene for over a decade and now contaminated by PsyTrance sounds.

Psytrance Progressive
New Wave

Indie Rock

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