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Let'Z Fetish Academy

Established by Kamasutra Ninja in 2019

B.D.S.M. is composed by three main factors:

Trust, Communication and Technique

Every Saturday you can book Workshops 

from 10pm to 12am 

or you can experience a Session with the Kamasutra Ninja 

from 12am to 5am

Impact play workshop

Besides your hands, there’s lots more to be used in a session. Paddles, floggers and basic whips, overall more than 50 tools to explore!

Wax & Metal play workshop

Not just the safety rules and technique, but also visual aspect of play. You get to try different candle temperatures and learn about aftercare.

Candles can be a very fun toy, but you gotta learn how to safely use them without damaging your partner’s body unnecessarily. Our candles have different levels of pain, due to the different melting points of the wax used. Combined with this class is metalplay, which can be a fun way to give your partner a very special kind of sensation during a play.

Electro play workshop

4 different tools to play with and explore different sensation levels from slight teasing to real taser experience.

Electro toys are also divided into different levels of intensity to fit your partner’s boundaries. From slight tingling to real taser impact, you got to learn a couple of safety measurements to ensure your partner’s health throughout.


  • Come sober
  • Follow dress code (no white shoes, no street wear, get creative, be kinky).
  • Bring a partner
  • Let us know if you need help preserving your privacy.
  • Entrance to the club is paid separately.
  • Be nice, follow club etiquette, always ask for consent first.
  • Booking a workshop doesn’t guarantee entrance if other rules are not followed.
  • Reservation fee is included in total price of the workshop. The rest is to be paid in cash at the spot.
  • Cancellation up to 24h before, no deposit refund for no-show.
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